Mark Reina - 3D CAD and Marketing Specialist

Affordable Marketing Services for Manufacturers in need of Design Services

If you can’t justify the cost of having an in house expert to create your marketing material, why not give me a call.

3D Renders – Industrial and Consumer

Product 3d Rendering

Visualisation with SolidWorks and Photoview 360. If you use SolidWorks for your mechanical design, this allows you to continue using the same files, producing renders at any time.

SolidWorks Expert

3d Product Rendering Animation

I specialize in SolidWorks based modeling so am ideal if you create your own products and your 3D models are being used for manufacture. We also provide 3d modeling and mechanical drafting services.

I work at a much lower hourly rate and am able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time. This is due to my expertise with my tools, wasting no time to get your job done as soon as it's needed.


Instruction Manual

Developing a new product and require instructions or documentation? There are a range of things you may need that requires your CAD data to be transformed into 2D design communication.