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Buy SolidWorks Composer or Do I use a Contractor?

Is SolidWorks Composer the correct product for me or is there a better option available? So you’ve been looking for a CAD solution that will allow you to produce marketing material and someone has recommended SolidWorks Composer to you (formerly

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Product Manuals

If you have a need to create manuals, brochures, assembly guides, etc that require you to use your CAD data.

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Product Rendering

Need images of your products before it’s been manufactured? If you don’t have a specialist inhouse to do your renders, it can be a costly process as it can take a lot of time to produce effective images and be

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Office Furniture and Accessories

If you sell or manufacture furniture items and accessories, it is much cheaper and quicker to render your scenes and products than to have someone manufacture and/or assemble them. Above images created for UCI. Click the logo or visit

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SolidWorks Services

SolidWorks is a commonly used tool in the Australian manufacturing industry as well as the world. With more thanĀ 2,170,100 users worldwide, there are a lot of self proclaimed professionals and experts however a large portion do not cut the mustard.

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Product Photography

Have your products photographed to maximize your sales. If you would like to have your product range photographed but can not justify the cost of having a professional photographer come in, please let me know. I have portable photography equipment

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