3d Visualisation in Manufacturing

3D Visualisation Image - Gearbox Cover

Industrial 3D Visualisation of a Motorbike Gearbox Cover.

If you are looking for 3D Visualisation Services and are in manufacturing, it can be hard to find someone that specialises in Industrial Products and Commercial Products. There are many architectural rendering providers that saturate the 3d visualisation market, making it hard to find someone that understands your materials and processes.

3D Visualisation is all about effective Design Communication. This means you want to create visualisation material that communicates the important information for the client. It also needs to be appropriate for the particular application. There is no need to spend hours or days on a render if all the client wants is a simple line drawing of the product.

This design communication is what can be misunderstood by many 3d visualisation service providers as they do not understand the mechanics and processes behind the item and the dynamics of marketing a product as opposed to a building or living space.

There are many aspects to 3D Visualisation and design communication in manufacturing

3D Visualisation for Clients

You may be designing a product for a customer and they would like to know what the final product will look. In many cases the designer would build a prototype¬† like before you’ve finished building a

3D Visualisation for Internal Communication and Manufacturing

May be required for explain design ideas such as aesthetic and usability issues. Due to the conceptual nature of this type of communication. These types of 3d visualisations should be created quickly as to not slow down the design process and should be able to explain the design in an effective manner.

3D Visualisation for Pitching a Concept

In the infant stage of a design concept, it may be very important to give someone a visual idea of the final outcome. This can help a team or a client be able to see beyond the technical details.

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