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SolidWorks is a commonly used tool in the Australian manufacturing industry as well as the world. With more than 2,170,100 users worldwide, there are a lot of self proclaimed professionals and experts however a large portion do not cut the mustard.

I am one of the top worldwide users of SolidWorks and have been working with this tool for the past decade. I have extensive SolidWorks accreditation.

SolidWorks Certification



csweBecause of this expertise, I am able to provide a tailored service to you if you would like to optimise your SolidWorks usage or just require 3D Modeling or Technical Drawing. These services focus on mechanical parts and manufacturing, from part design to assembly drawings. I can also provide services for:

  • SolidWorks Installation
  • SolidWorks Drawing Templates
  • SolidWorks Training
  • SolidWorks Optimization
  • SolidWorks Customization
  • File Management and Product Naming Structures

I not only have experience in these areas, but have also trained users in these areas. My profesional experience in teaching, training and support SolidWorks users include:

  • SolidWorks Level 1 Support Technician
  • Intercad AE (Premier Reseller of SolidWorks in Australia / NZ)
  • Regional Application Engineer for South Australia
  • SolidWorks Instructor at University of South Australia
  • Engineering Drawings Instructor at Open Universities Australia

I also have the following certifications:

  • Certified SolidWorks Expert (December 2012 – Present)
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional – Core
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional – Sheet Metal Specialist
  • Certified SolidWorks Plastics Support Technician
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional – Weldments Specialist
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional – Surfacing Specialist
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Mark Reina
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SolidWorks Expert Certificate

Mark Reina
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SolidWorks Expert
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