Buy SolidWorks Composer or Do I use a Contractor?

Is SolidWorks Composer the correct product for me or is there a better option available?

So you’ve been looking for a CAD solution that will allow you to produce marketing material and someone has recommended SolidWorks Composer to you (formerly known as 3DVia Composer).

SolidWorks Composer

SolidWorks Composer – SolidWorks Marketing Tool

The truth is that SolidWorks Composer is very expensive for what it is. If you are looking for a return on investment for this product then I would only suggest this product if you were producing a lot of marketing documentation and you also have a dedicated user in charge of Composer.

I have used 3DVia / SolidWorks Composer and I personally think most companies would be better of getting a contractor in that knows how to work with CAD data and is also an effective designer . Here is a list of the main reasons why you shouldn’t purchase SolidWorks Composer:

  • It requires about a weeks worth of training to understand the basics.
  • Requires a further 6 months to become comfortable with it
  • It does not truly sync up with your SolidWorks data as promised.
  • The price is equivalent to the cost of around 10 weeks of Full Time Contractor Service which should be more than enough time to produce some basic catalogs, brochure or other.
  • SolidWorks Composer is just a tool. To product effective marketing material, you will still need some form of designer to use the software effectively.
  • The quality of the images and videos produced are very ‘Solidworksy’ and are nowhere near as good as having material produced manually.

If you are serious about producing some nice marketing matetrial, please give me a call today to discuss what is possible or if you would just like to discuss pricing.

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